Financial Services
Take your company Public
Investor Relations

Investor Relations Opportunities:
We introduce your company to Investment Bankers, venture capital firms, stock brokerage firms, hedge funds, institutional investment funds, and PIPES funds.

Present to Investment Bankers
You can make a presentation to our network of investment banking firms. You can meet with the principals of these firms, ie: the decision makers. To find out more please send an executive summary on your company.

Exposure to Investment Bankers, Stock Brokers and other financial sources.

Go Public: If you would like to take your company public we
can help. It is usually easier to raise money as a public company. We do not raise capital directly but offer you exposure to our vast network of stock brokerage firms & investment funds. Being a public company usually makes it easier to raise capital. If you're considering going public, please tell us about your company.



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